Guidelines and Policies

Guidelines and Policies;

Welcome to Music Together® of the Tennessee Valley. We're happy to have you and your family joining us for class. Here are a few things to be aware of. Music Together is not a performance based program for children. However, it is expected that parents come prepared to sing, dance and be super silly in class. You are the most important model to your children. Your appropriate behavior will help their music development in the long run.


1. Talking: Talking during class is strongly discouraged. While singing/dancing engages on side of the brain, talking engages the opposing side of the brain. This conflict affects the fluency of music development for your children. Not only that, but talking is extremely distracting to the teacher and adds to much additional stimuli to an already highly stimulating environment. Thank you for helping focus your children on singing and playing during the songs.

2. Running: Although creative movement and exploring is acceptable in class, running is strongly discouraged. This natural form of expression can quickly become a disaster should your child collide with another classmate. Always redirect your child by singing with them or changing your placement in the classroom setting. It is perfectly fine for you to walk/dance around the room even if the majority is sitting and vice versa.

4. Heath: A child should be kept home when:

  • They have been sick during the night, but show no sign the next day.
  • They have bad a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea in the last 24 hours.
  • They have an unexplained rash, fever, stomach problems, virus, contagious illness, discharge from their eyes, green/yellow discharge from their nose, or a sore throat. They need to remain home until the symptoms are gone.

Please be considerate to other families and teachers. It is important to keep all children and teachers at their healthiest. No teachers, no classes. If you should have to miss class, please contact your teacher ASAP to set up a make-up class.

3. Make-Up Classes: Make-up classes are a courtesy and not guaranteed. MTTNV will try to offer you a maximum of 2 make-up classes per semester. Make-up classes are provided to those families that have missed due to illness and family emergencies. Attending birthday parties, etc. does not warrant a make-up. The semester schedule is always listed on the website at Updates are also listed on our Facebook page at . Please check it weekly for updates. Class schedules may be different depending on your teacher. Make-ups are giving on a first come, first serve basis. Please give as much notice as possible. You must sign up for a make-up class. If you do not attend the make-up class it will still be counted as made up.

4. Drop in classes: MTTNV understands that there are some instances where you will have to bring an additional family member to class. In this event, be prepared to pay a $15.00 drop in fee per occurrence. The program has been developed for children birth to 5 years. It is not age appropriate for children that are older. Older siblings/guests can be a huge help in class but keep in mind, our space is limited. All visitors must be approved by the Director before they can attend the class.